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Principal Michelle Kefford initiates The Eagle Family Giving Plate

Newspaper Adviser Melissa Falkowski received the engraved Giving Plate from Principal Michelle Kefford. The Giving Plate is a new tradition started by Kefford. Photo courtesy of Melissa Falkowski

The Eagle Family Giving Plate is a new tradition enacted by Principal Michelle Kefford at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Kefford has participated in this act of kindness in the past, so she decided it was time to bring it to MSD. 

The main purpose of the plate is to recognize one another within the staff of MSD. Each member is meant to choose somebody who has recently made a difference within the school. 

The person who receives the plate must make baked goods, put it on to the decorated plate provided and pass it on to the staff member he or she believes has earned it. He or she will also write their name on the back of the plate before passing it to the next person. 

“This is a very important tradition that Principal Kefford has initiated because she is promoting a positive school culture and boosting moral,” Newspaper adviser Melissa Falkowski  said.

Falkowski was one of the first recipients of the giving plate. 

There are two plates being passed around, each decorated by a ceramics student, Fallon Trachtman. These plates come with instructions explaining what to do when someone receives one of the pates. 

“After several attempts, I made five plates, each one uniquely carved and painted. I’m glad I had the opportunity to do so because it was a really cool experience,” Trachtman expressed.

 Each plate is meant to be unique and represent the school. The idea of the decorative design was inspired by Assistant Principal Sandra Davis, and were created last year.

Kefford explains that often times, within our society, people tend to only speak up when they are upset about something. This is meant to be a reminder that it is vital to recognize the good that people do in the world as well.

Within a week of receiving the plate, the previous staff member chosen must select the next staff member and pass it along. One of the two plates distributed was issued last week from Kefford to Falkowski. 

“I gave it to Mrs. Falkowski because she is a supporter of all teachers, and I just wanted to let her know that I appreciate all that she does,”  Kefford said.

The other plate was given to Rachel Archembault, an Exceptional Student Education speech program teacher, by Assistant Principal Jay Milmed. Archembault explains that she believes it is essential to pass on the plate to somebody outside of one’s department to ensure the staff is reaching out to one another.

“It was nice to be acknowledged and to know that somebody was thinking about me. It really brightened up by day. I want to give it to people who might be in need in that, someone that I want to recognize,” Archembault expressed.

The Giving Plate will continue until winter break, and then the final person to receive the plate will keep it until the following October, when the process will start again. This tradition is meant to convey a more positive and beneficial environment at MSD. Kefford is hopeful that it will do so and encourage her staff throughout the fall season.

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