[Brief] Women’s varsity softball team falls to West Broward High School in the regional tournament quarterfinal

Hunter Fitz-Gerald

On May 8th, the women’s varsity softball team went up against West Broward High School in the regional tournament quarterfinal.

The final score of this game was 5-0, the Eagles were losing majority of the game. It was 0-0 through the first 5 innings of the game until the second baseman for the eagles made an error that caused West Broward to score.

“We faced them earlier in the season and had trouble facing their pitcher again and couldn’t get a run,” third baseman Abby Dowd (3) said.

Some highlights from the offense came from shortstop Jordan Ratner (26) who hit a double. Another clutch hit double came from center-fielder Monique Poitevin (52). Dowd played really good defensively all game.

“We couldn’t string together base hits when we got people on base so no one scored,” Ratner said.

Unfortunately this is the Eagles’ last game of the season since they lost and the regional tournament is one and done, hopefully the softball team will have an even better season next year.