Dance Marathon announces amount raised during push week


Matthew Rosenthal, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Dance Marathon board holds up amount raised during push week.
Photo by Bryan Nguyen

At Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, the week of Dec. 9 to Dec. 13 was known as push week for Dance Marathon participants. The goal of push week is to motivate people to raise money and improve registration efforts for MSD’s annual Dance Marathon before heading to winter break. 

“All of the proceeds from the event go to children’s miracle networks which is an organization of hospitals that treat kids with pediatric cancer and diseases,” Recruitment Chair, Brianna Fisher said. 

On Wednesday, Dec. 11, double zero-day was held. A message was sent to Dance Marathon participants saying, our mission is to “Zero Out Cancer” and fight every patient in a hospital today and every day in the future. For example, if a participant has currently raised $65, then the participant would strive to receive donations to get to the $100 mark.

“Dance Marathon means being part of an organization that is bigger than yourself. You devote all your time and hard work throughout the year to put up a number you never imagine could be raised. I continue to help this cause because it is a. humbling movement that I have been able to raise over $1000,” Fundraising Chair Rachel Taylor said. 

After school on Friday, Dec. 13, in the main courtyard, there was music, activities, “vintage” Dance Marathon merchandise and computers for students to register for the next Dance Marathon event. The final total for the money raised during push week was announced as well. 

“The overall goal of push week is to encourage the student body to join our movement and sign up for Dance Marathon,” Finance Director Rachel Nattis said. “In addition, we hoped to raise $3000 this week for children’s miracle network hospitals however with all of the hard work I’m sure we can exceed our goal.” 

The total of push week came out to $6759.17. Participants will continue to raise money for the event which will be held on March 14, 2020, in the gym at MSD.