[Review] Singer Nova Miller releases ‘Do it to Myself’


This is the new hit single’s cover photo.

Delaney Walker, Social media editor

18-year-old Swedish pop singer-songwriter, Nova Miller, recently released a new single “Do it to Myself.” The single recognizes toxic behavior while show-casing Nova’s retro-pop sound. She is determined to become an anti-emo disrupter in the pop world today. The music may be perceived as dark at first, but Nova sees her musical image as positive.  

This single was produced by The Monsters and the Strangerz, the production team behind Zedd’s “Middle’ featuring Maren Morris, Grey, and Ariana Grande.  

“Do It to Myself” is a sound that is a mix of new school pop and vintage aesthetics, with an intoxicating guitar melody, soaring strings, and throwback harmonies, including “The Mama’s & The Papa’s.”

This single represents how we as people put up walls and hurt ourselves before others can. Knowing toxic traits is important- it is the only way they can be fixed. People often resort to putting up a wall instead of standing up for themselves or protecting themselves; this wall leads to the person being even more hurt than how they began.

Admitting to toxic traits takes a brave soul and this song perfectly represents that.  This song really takes going crazy to a whole new level, with every detailed lyric, and music style choice. 

It is all about that effort for working on yourself and allowing things to get better. 

 “It’s about being a creature of habit when it comes to relationships and not even giving the other person a chance to hurt you because you’ve already messed it up for yourself.” Nova Miller told clashmucic. 

The new single is available on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and iHeartRadio. Along with the newly released song, a music video was also produced. To watch click the link below and enjoy this life-altering piece.