Bolay opens new location in Coral Springs


Here is one of their bowls available for purchase. This includes the cilantro noodles, power beans, balsamic mushrooms, Teriyaki chicken, and the spicy thai sauce. Photo by Delaney Walker.

Delaney Walker, Social media editor

On Friday, Feb. 21, Bolay, which is a fresh food restaurant, opened another location in Coral Springs. It is located on Wiles Road in the Royal Eagle Plaza, adjacent to Jeremiah’s and Petco. The chain has several other establishments in West Pembroke Pines, Oviedo and South Boca, all consisting of the same unique menu and experience. 

All of the items on the menu are healthy and freshly made throughout the day. The employees and owners preach that healthy food is extremely beneficial for the body and mind, which is notably important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The menu accommodates multiple dietary restrictions by offering options such as 100% gluten-free meals.

They have three size options: the small bowl, large bowl and the kid’s bowl. The small bowl includes one base, two veggies, one protein, one sauce and one add-on sauce. The large bowl includes two bases, two veggies, two proteins, one sauce and an add-on. The kids bowl includes one base or veggie, one protein, one sauce and one juice box.

There are many base options for people to choose from, including, hot Asian sweet potato noodles, cilantro noodles, kale salad, orange basil quinoa, jasmine rice, black rice or baby spinach. Next, the customer gets to choose their veggies; either balsamic mushrooms, brussels sprouts, herb roasted potatoes, ginger broccoli or beans. 

The customer also gets to choose from a variety of proteins. The choices are lemon chicken, BBQ chicken, teriyaki chicken, miso-glazed tofu, steak au jus or spicy Thai shrimp. For the add-on there are four choices, including freshly chopped cilantro, minted tomatoes, parmesan cheese and/or avocado. Finally, before checking out there are three sauce options: spicy Thai, carrot ginger, or cilantro pesto, which can either be drizzled on top or placed into a side container. 

 The cilantro noodles were very delicious, along with the teriyaki chicken. The teriyaki chicken required an extra wait of two minutes, due to its popularity, but it was well worth the wait. The Spicy Thai sauce included just the right amount of spice, along with the balsamic mushrooms, which were the most delicious part to the meal.  

They have a variety of drink options available for purchase, including a variety of unique  sodas, brewed teas, squeezed juices, bottled water and sparkling water. Getting to pick a soda from the various options such as black cherry and root beer, created a very enjoyable experience; the black cherry flavor was amazing. The customer can also purchase a cookie, choosing from either chocolate chip or snickerdoodle. Item availability is specific to each Bolay location.

The staff is kind, friendly and helpful. They are very polite when customers are placing their orders and assist with any questions that they may have. After they notice customers are done with their meal, they kindly come over and take the bowl out of the way. Both the food and customer service is outstanding. Bolay is definitely the place to go.