March’s Artist of the Month: Jaedyn Wint


Here is Wints’ fractured portrait piece, she used graphite pencils for. Photo courtesy of Jaedyn Wint.

Delaney Walker, Social media editor

Senior Jaedyn Wint has been involved in the art program for all four years of her high school experience. This year, she is a student in the AP 2D studio art class, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Throughout the class, students get to create various pieces of artwork using different techniques and tools.

Wint first got involved in the art program by registering for 2D art studio one her freshman year and has stuck with it ever since. Every week, she spends a total of 4-6 hours working on one of her art pieces. 

“My favorite part of the class is getting to be creative and making a piece of art that I am proud of,” Wint said.

Every few weeks, Wint creates a new piece through the class, her personal favorite is her fractured portrait piece. This was a project assigned to her when she was a student in the 2D studio art 3 honors class. She uses a variety of techniques, but her most used utensil was graphite pencils. 

“I like graphite pencils because of the way they blend together and how you can create really pretty black and white art pieces with them,” Wint said. 

Wint insures that each of her creations is unique by inputting her own personal style and touch on each, especially when it comes to her use of values. This meaning she chooses the vibrancy of her supplies or the amount of it she uses throughout what she is working on at the moment for maximum effect.

Wint received an AP Art Superintendent award for her fractured art piece. She was one of several students who were chosen to have their artwork displayed in the Coral Springs Center of the Arts Museum. She was presented this award through a ceremony that took place at the museum on Jan. 29th, 2020. 

While Wint is not only a thriving art student, she has been a dedicated color guard member for six years and she is now the co-captain of the world guard team. She spends multiple hours each week at rehearsals to prepare for upcoming competitions. Her last and final season with MSD’s World Guard is titled “Don’t Look Down,” This show is based upon the famous photograph, “Lunch Atop a Skyscraper”, which captures irons workers sitting on a beam upon the construction of the Rockefeller center. 

“My favorite part about color guard was performing at WGI (Winter Guard International) Championships in Dayton, Ohio,” Wint said.

Being involved in both an AP Art, academics and color guard leaves Wint with little time to complete homework. On a daily basis, she works her way through it by sticking to an organized schedule in order for everything to be completed on time. 

With graduation just around the corner, Wint plans on attending the University of South Florida to study health sciences and bio-medicine, and hopes to pursue a career in pediatrics.