April’s Artist of the Month: Angela Virgil

Isabel White, Section editor

Sophomore Angela Virgil. Photo courtesy of Angela Virgil

Angela Virgil, a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is a talented and determined student. She first started practicing art in second grade by following a step-by-step artbook showing her how to draw a princess. 

She appreciates making various pieces of art, but her favorite forms of art are painting and drawing. Art allows Virgil to think more while using her imagination. She creates art for pleasure and amusement. It gives her the opportunity to express herself without using words.

Virgil has been taking art classes in school since seventh grade. She has taken Art I and Art II at Westglades Middle School, and Art I in high school. These art classes have enabled Virgil to become more creative as well as improve her artistic abilities. The art classes allow her to express herself through her assignments.

“Angela always finds a way to brighten up anyone’s day despite what she’s going through,” sophomore Kate Ebersberger said. “When it comes to art, she has her own unique way of drawing characters, along with giving them their very own personalities. I find her thought process very interesting.”

Virgil’s dad is her motivation to practice artwork. He enjoys creating art for fun in his free time. Virgil considers him a big inspiration and role model in her life. One day Virgil hopes to paint and draw as well as her father.

“My dad motivates me to do art,” Virgil said. “Whenever I see his realistic paintings and drawings I become inspired and continue practicing so I can be as good as him.”

During the school year, it is difficult for the artist to find the time to practice her creations due to the color guard having such a demanding practice schedule along with her numerous homework assignments. Whenever Virgil has free time, she works on her art. She finds the time to work on her art assignments because it is important to her.

“Whenever I have free time I try to draw. At least once a week for three hours I work on a piece of art,” Virgil said. “It’s difficult to find time to work on any art projects during the school year because outside of school I have hours worth of homework along with two to four color guard meets every week. I usually paint on the weekends once I’ve finished all my school work.”

Virgil’s favorite art pieces to create are nature scenes and people. She enjoys painting nature scenes because they’re peaceful and colorful. She finds drawing people enjoyable because she likes to draw her friends and favorite celebrities in her own artistic style. Virgil’s most recent art creation she’s been working on is a mountain range painting. So far, the painting consists of only sketched mountains and a lined sky.

“Angela’s so talented, she has been drawing for a long time now. We used to have drawing competitions against each other and of course, she would always win,” Virgil’s friend, sophomore Tia Morrison said. “She has a way of perception and she truly puts her heart in her art.”

Overall, art has helped Virgil get through some tough times and continues to inspire her every day. It allows her to express herself while making something beautiful.