MSD technology specialists help students with technical issues via call center


With the help of technical assistants, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students have been able to navigate online learning more easily. Photo by Brianna Jesionowski

Ava Jurick, Writer

A number of students have had a difficult time with many different technical matters. Therefore, MSD has made it a priority to ensure that technology experts are available to make sure every student’s experience with e-learning runs smoothly. 

“I was so nervous for online learning because technology is not something I am good at using, but I was told that you can get help from the technology staff which was a relief,” sophomore Lindsay Nattis said.

 Micro-tech specialists Michael Rigby and Kadeem Hughes are the two technology support members at MSD who students can reach out to for assistance. 

“Students can call the front desk for technical support; they will be transferred to either myself or Michael Rigby,” Hughes said.

Some constant technological issues that plague students are connection issues with Microsoft Teams, as well as audio and screen problems. Teachers also troubleshoot issues during their class periods to assist students, but since the technology staff are now available to help, students have an additional resource for assistance.

“I could not figure out how to set up the Microsoft Teams and I called the front desk and the tech people helped, and I finally got it to work,” sophomore Cameron Raymond said. 

Hughes and Rigby are available from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with one on call on silver days and the other on burgundy days. They are always ready to pick up the phone and assist with the problem. 

“We usually get around 15-20 calls a day for technical support, mostly from freshman students who need help with Microsoft Teams,” Rigby said.

Originally, Broward County Public Schools created a central hotline to assist students with technology issues. However, after a short time, the district determined it was best for each school’s microtechs to provide school specific assistance for students. 

Administration aimed to provide a procedure for technical support that was fairly simple, as they did not want to confuse students and were aware that it was not possible for there to be a face-to-face resolution. 

“Depending on the type of issue, we can either walk you through the process over the phone or remote into your Windows on the computer,” Hughes said. 

Technical support will continue to be available even if schools reopen. Students will have access to these resources as long as there is an online learning component involved.