Students adjust back to online school after winter break


Some MSD students find it challenging to return to their normal schedules after winter break. Photo by Nya Owusu-Afriyie

Erika Ryan, Writer

Due to the two week long break from school, it has been difficult for various students to adjust from staying up all night to getting enough rest to wake up early in the morning. 

“During break, I started to fall back in the bad habit of falling asleep [at] 1:00 a.m. and waking up in the afternoon,” junior Isabella Cristancho said. “Now having to wake up early for my first day back, I feel exhausted.”

As a result of a complicated sleep schedule, it has also been difficult for students to concentrate throughout the day, as they have to be engaged with their classes while being exhausted. 

“I couldn’t focus as well as I normally do for my first two periods of the day,” sophomore Mya Ryan said. “I can definity tell the difference of the amount I was engaged in class before break and now after.” 

Not only can having a sporadic sleeping schedule affect the way students perform in class, but having an absence of work can impact them as well.

Also, transferring from having no school work over the break to being given plentiful work on the first day back is a very difficult transition to several students, including junior Marlo Perkins.

“During class on the first day back, I couldn’t keep up with my classwork, especially with the pace my teacher wanted us to be at,” Perkins said. “Not only the classwork but the homework as well. I know it’s about the same amount given before break, but now it feels impossible to complete.”

Students are now facing the challenges of getting back into a healthy school routine by being on top of school work and having a reasonable sleep schedule.

“I’m planning to finish all my assigned work after school and [to] start writing down my assignments in my planner as well,” junior Julia Danois said. “I’m also going to start having dinner early so I can sleep at a reasonable time and get a good night’s rest for the morning.”

Additionally, some students have a plan to be more aware and engaged in class by revisiting work or getting ahead of lessons to be more active in class.

“I’m looking back on past lessons to remind me what has been done during the first semester,” Perkins said. “So far, it has helped me a lot trying to complete my homework. I’ve also been looking ahead at modules that are already published on Canvas so I can be more active in future class lessons.”

Although adjusting back to the typical online school routine has been a challenge for some students, many have hatched a plan to get back into their school routines.