‘Splatoon 3’ is announced to be released to Switch in 2022


Splatoon 3 shows off their official logo online for the third installment of this game series.

Cassidy Tarr, Writer

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Nintendo released an announcement trailer for the game ‘Splatoon 3.’ Although a release date has not been announced yet, the game is scheduled to come out sometime in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. 

The trailer features a new setting called Splatlands, featuring a town called Splatsville. The city is deemed the “city of chaos,” and for good reason, with a run-down look consisting of harsh environmental conditions. 

The graphics style has undergone a complete change in aesthetic, fitting perfectly into the broken-down, apocalyptic style of the city of chaos. The game setting has also changed on the active battlefield. The fight has moved from the ground, spawning players from drones floating in the air. 

Despite the surprising changes in setting in this new game, ‘Splatoon 3’ will still stay true to its origin. The game will still consist of two teams of four battling in a turf war.

So far, limited information has gone out about the game, only providing viewers with small glimpses throughout the trailer as to what new features will be added to the game.

One addition, which was heavily anticipated by fans, is more customization options for the player’s avatar, also known as an Inkling. There are various new hair options, including bobs and braids. There will also be more pant options, extra skin options and more eye colors to choose from.

The most shocking addition that has been revealed thus far is the introduction of Smallfry creatures, playful little beasts that can accompany your player’s avatar in-game. The Inklings bring an opportunity to customize even more things, allowing players to change the Smallfry’s hairstyle.

On the more functional side, the weapons in the game have also been upgraded. Several of the previous weapons have been changed and revamped to fit in more properly with the unique culture of the “city of chaos.” The change in design has moved in an entirely opposite direction from Inkopolis, the setting of the previous two games, even introducing new weapons like this modded bow.

Of course, more overlooked things have also been improved upon in the years between the release of ‘Splatoon 2’ and now. The squids have been given more animations to use in battle, and the graphics were given a huge upgrade. So far, the visual graphics quality seems to have vastly improved.

All of these mark improvements that did not go unnoticed by fans. Diehard fans and newcomers alike received the announcement of the third installment of this game well, immediately throwing their support behind it. Artists and other supporters voiced their appreciation through social media, causing “Splatoon 3′ to trend on Twitter.