[Review] ‘Free Guy’ is an amazing film for all ages


Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios

New released movie Free Guy is a great film to watch for all ages.

Alison LaTorre, Associate Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, Aug. 13, 2021, “Free Guy” was released and has been thriving in the number two movie charts spot. Since its release, thousands of Ryan Reynolds fans have been rushing to the theatre to see him star in his new role.

Directed by Shawn Levy and written by Matt Leiberman and Zak Penn, the film has lovable, hilarious characters including Guy, played by Ryan Reynolds, Keys, played by Joe Keery and Millie, played by Jodie Comer. These actors and actresses have all taken a role in other popular TV shows and movies. Kerry has a former role in Stranger Things, Reynolds has played over 60 roles and Comer being fairly new in the acting industry has only played minor roles in Star Wars.

The movie has a hilarious plot consisting of a man named Guy living a life others might know as a video game where he spends everyday doing the same activity and thinks nothing of it until one major event changes his life. He and all of his friends living in Free City are constantly surrounded by violence, robberies and more. However, the people committing these crimes are people from real life playing a video game also known as Free City.

One day, Guy is minding his own business at the bank he works at when all of the sudden the bank is being robbed. Tired, of everyone pushing him around, Guy fights the robbers. Putting on his sunglasses which help the watcher to determine whether the other player is from real life or is just a CPU, Guy finds a whole new virtual world with weapons, transportation and more. Soon after he encounters real life players, he becomes world famous for his non-violent leveling up in the game. Players typically level up by performing crimes, not fighting them.

Guy also encounters his love interest Millie, a creator of the game, and he helps to save the game from the people who stole the original builds. Guy will do anything to help save his friends, strangers and the city itself.

This movie shows an abundance of comedy, from Guy making jokes about not understanding life, to the real world and the fame Guy has acquired. This movie has a humor that everyone can relate to, as problems in business today are truly represented when the game is stolen from Millie and Keys, the other game creator.

Another great part about this movie is the multiple appearances from famous YouTubers, gamers and actors like Chris Evans, DanTDM , Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman, Ninja, Pokimane, Lazarbeam, Alex Trebec and more. These cameos from celebrities known today by most Millennials and Gen Z’s make the movie especially appealing.

The last few scenes were positively the most action-comedy packed parts. For instance, Guy is forced to fight an upgraded version of himself featuring popular movie music like the Avengers and Star Wars themes.

Overall this movie is by far one of the best movies to come out in 2021 and fans are hoping for a sequel already. Ryan Reynolds surprises fans once again with his amazing humor and it is a hope for another appearance from Guy.