[Review] Crumbl weekly (9/27-10/2)


Theron Piccininni

Delicious Desserts! Crumbl releases its new weekly flavors which included Original ft.Golden OREO Cookie Pieces, Funfetti Milkshake, Peanut Butter Brittle and Brownie Batter. Crumbl changes their four flavors weekly and keeps two consistent flavors of Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic Sugar.

Isabel White, Section editor

On Sunday, Sept. 26 Crumbl Cookies successfully renewed their specialty flavors of the week. The cookie palate this week consisted of Funfetti Milkshake, Brownie Batter, Peanut Butter Brittle and Original Golden Oreo Cookie Pieces, along with regular flavors Milk Chocolate Chip and Classic Sugar.

The Funfetti Milkshake, served chill, unlike the other specialities, is a cookie swept in rainbow sprinkles, mounted with buttercream frosting and a dollop of whipped cream. Despite the cookie being visually pleasing, it was not as appetizing as it looked.

The cookie tasted like a simple sugar cookie, nothing noteworthy. Tasting the same as the Classic Sugar, with only a crunch of sprinkles added to it, I would not recommend ordering this cookie. I would rate this cookie a 5/10.

The next flavor I tried was Brownie Batter, a warm chocolate chip cookie filled with brownie batter fudge and chocolate chips. I enjoyed this flavor because of its simultaneous smooth and crunchy texture from the fudge and chocolate chips.

My only critique directed towards the Brownie Batter cookie is that it was way too rich for my taste buds. However, if you are a chocoholic, this cookie is the correct option for you. All in all, my ranking is a 7/10.

Following this, I dove right into the Peanut Butter Brittle, a cookie based with peanuts, and coated with a creamy peanut butter mousse and crunchy peanut brittle. Similar to the Brownie Batter cookie, the texture included smoothness and crunch, from the mousse and brittle.

Unfortunately, once again this flavor was too rich for my taste. In all honesty, it tasted like an overwhelmingly large spoonful of peanut butter. I particularly appreciated the brittle topping more than the cookie itself, as the nuts were tastefully glazed with sweetness. Thus, in honor of the delicious topping, I would rate the cookie a 6/10.

To my surprise, the Original Golden OREO Cookie Pieces cookie was satisfactory. This cookie is based on the Original Golden OREO. The base is wedged with white chocolate chips and glazed with vanilla cream cheese frosting, a mini golden oreo and golden OREO crumbs.

I did not think I would like the cookie, as I do not particularly enjoy golden OREOs. However, the frosting had the perfect amount of sweetness and it combined flawlessly with the simple, yet delicate cookie base. This cookie would be given the best rank of 8/10.

Overall, this week’s flavors were satisfactory, but I have definitely had better quality cookies from Crumbl. None of these cookies had the “wow” factor I was searching for, but nonetheless I enjoyed them, as I am always in the mood for a Crumbl cookie.