‘Halloween Kills’ is a thrilling addition to the Michael Myers trilogy


Universal Pictures

“Halloween Kills” is the newest addition to the rebooted Halloween franchise. Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures

Bailey Carter, Writer

On Friday, Oct. 15, the movie “Halloween Kills” was released, scoring a 50 million dollar debut in box office. The film is a sequel to “Halloween,” which was released in 2018. “Halloween Kills” is a continuation to Michael Myers’ story, which picks up right after the previous movie.

The film features a variety of characters from the previous movie, most popularly Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and her daughter Karen Strode, played by Judy Greer. All the pivotal characters from the prior movie made a return for “Halloween Kills.”

The Halloween saga has been prominent since 1978 and is about Myers’ story throughout the decades. Myers is a known serial killer, who goes for killing sprees in Haddonfield each year on Halloween. For years, Myers has brought terror and destruction to the town, wandering the streets and bringing horror to anyone in his way.

“Halloween Kills” takes place immediately after Myers was left in a burning house presumably dead, after events from the previous movie. The town comes together to attempt to take down Myers, as they are sick of all the fear he has caused. With a common enemy and goal in mind, the town comes even closer to catching Myers.

The sound and visual effects were so incredibly realistic that they were the best out of all the horror movies I have seen. Sometimes horror movies like these can be cheesy and awkward to watch since it looks so fake, but this movie genuinely felt real. This movie is definitely not for people who cannot handle blood, as it is gruesome from time to time. When it comes to visuals, this movie definitely exceeded my expectations.

The Halloween trilogy is more than just the story of Michael Myers being a murderer, which is what the movie lacked. The plot was very faint at moments, as the movie’s main focus was on the killings, instead of the storyline of the town catching Myers and Laurie being the one to take him down. While I do think they could have done better with the plot, this makes me even more excited to see what they do with the next movie.

I think this film did a good job on highlighting the importance of the Myers’ house when it comes to Michael’s motives. While his motives have never been specified, we learned that every Halloween he ends up back at his childhood house, hinting that hopefully in the future movie we will discover more about his motives.

As of now, there is not a set date for another Halloween movie, but we can certainly expect one in the future. I look forward to seeing the next movie, as I cannot wait to see how the story of Michael Myers continues on. For the time being, the sequel movie is predicted to come out in 2022.