[Review] ‘Eternals’ creates a new diverse angle to the MCU


Marvel Studios

“Eternals” is the newest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tatiana Ortiz, Arts & Leisure and Opinion Editor

Marvel Studios’ newest movie “Eternals” was released in theaters on Nov. 5. Creating controversy and breaking stereotypes, this movie is a wonderful addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

A diverse group of celestial beings, The Eternals, are sent on a mission to protect the inhabitants of Earth from a monster species called Deviants. Each Eternal has different thoughts and perspectives on how they should handle their lives after they rid the planet of Deviants. After conflict amongst the group, they decide to go their separate ways. Living amongst humans, they blend into their lifestyles for 7,000 years.

When the Deviants emerge back to terrorize Earth, the story centers around Sersi, an intellectual Eternal played by Gemma Chan, and her quest to bring back the team of Eternals. But the rest of the group is still hesitant to come back together like before.

The diverse cast of “Eternals” are a great representation for the diverse viewers of Marvel. Although, some viewers were critical about the cast. Displaying a gay marital relationship between two men was highly critized by homophobic viewers. Being the first Marvel movie to display a LGBTQ+ superhero, Chloe Zhao created a revolutionary film.

Viewers also thought the lengthy storytelling was too dragging in the beginning. With a complicated story to fit into the storyline, the movie had more backstory and introductory fluff than others.

Another complaint among some viewers was the storyline and lack of attachment to the characters. Marvel fans are used to having action packed movies with less intellectual and dramatic aspects to the story; but “Eternals” focused more on the character aspect of the film and less on the plot, which some Marvel fans disliked.

With discussions about humanity and focusing on the world’s past, “Eternals” held an underlying message of greed and war. I quite enjoyed the silent messages that director, Chloe Zhao, gave to the audience. I thought Chloe Zhao created an inspirational movie that set the story apart from others.

I also enjoyed the diversity between not just race and gender, but with disabilities as well. Makkari, played by Lauren Ridloff, represented the deaf community and was the first deaf superhero displayed in Marvel. Chloe Zhao proved that there should be no excuses for lack of diversity in film.

An innovative angle to a story of friendship and family, this movie creatively portrayed different relationships. The dysfunctional family dynamic was hilarious and relatable and the romantic relationships were intriguing. The platonic relationship between Thena and Gilgamesh was heartwarming and I thought Angelina Jolie and Don Lee did a fantastic job at displaying that.

The graphics and computer-generated imagery were very realistic and impressive. The detail to create this masterpiece was unmatched and very well done by Chloe Zhao. Following her unique style, the landscape shots and scenery helped add to the dramatic outlook on the story.

Despite controversy and mixed feelings about the lengthy movie, I thought it was a compelling story that had underlying deep messages about humanity and created beautiful representation.
Although, I have to agree with other Marvel fans and say that people should not expect it to be like past Marvel movies. “Eternals” has a unique taste that some will not enjoy, but I think Chloe Zhao did a fantastic job. I am excited to see her continue her journey with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.