[Review] Disney’s Encanto: a good, but not great, film


Photo credit Disney+

Official movie poster for Encanto from Disney+. Disney+ released Encanto on Nov. 24, 2021.

Nicholas Zanetti, Writer

2424“Encanto” is a movie that embodies originality, rather than the last decade of mediocre Disney films. Each of the prior Disney movies felt extremely similar in terms of characters, music and plotline.

However, another quality animated film produced by Disney is “Moana,” which is a Disney movie that embraces the ability to be unique. “Encanto” is similar to “Moana” because of their lead protaginists who stick out. Moana loves the ocean and feels connected to it while her family wants to stay on their beloved island. Meanwhile Mirabel, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz, has no supernatural powers while her family each has their own power sets.

Each song in “Encanto” does a great job of encapsulating each other’s weaknesses. One of Encanto’s main themes demonstrated in the song “Under Pressure,” sung by [name who voice Lusisa], is battling societal expectations. The song also explains relatable problems while putting on a colorful show.

The visuals in the animation are what you would expect from a high budget Disney movie: superve. The choreography and dynamic rhymes in the songs really make you picture the amount of time and money that was spent on the movie. The characters all have their own unique powers that allow for cool interactions between the charicters.

The few issues I have with this film include its first act, which drags on and should have been shortened. The introductions for each character were needed but hard to sit through. Other than that, the payoff to each character’s original interactions were extremely well done. I was interested in each character and believed the family dynamic was relatable and exciting.

Another issue I have with this film is its lack of dynamic action scenes that are entertaining to the audience. The characters all have extraordinary superpowers that could have been used for great action scenes

“Encanto” is a decent film that is a breath of fresh air in the modern era. The film is not perfect by any means, but it is entertaining and provides an original and fulfilling story. Mirabel is a multilayered protagonist that helps to show the families house from her perspective. Overall, the film is definitely worth the watch and I hope they produce a second film in the near future.