Five players from MSD’s women’s varsity soccer team commit to colleges to continue their athletic careers


Theron Piccininni

Four MSD players from the women’s varsity soccer team officially committed to a college at the signing in the school library on Feb. 2.

Reece Gary, Senior Sports Editor

Throughout the 2021-2022 season, the MSD women’s varsity soccer team dominated their competition. Ultimately ending with a record of 10-1-3, the Eagles’ successful season was due to the contributions of each team member. As many players were able to show their skill throughout the season, five seniors received athletic scholarships to continue their soccer careers.

Four of the five seniors committed in early February: outside back Calista McCausland (6), midfielder Alexis Reigel (23), forward Skylar Lund (19) and defender Samantha Novik (20). All four showed exceptional leadership within the display of their many athletic abilities, allowing them to be scouted early on in the season.

The Eagles’ success, both during the current season and in seasons throughout the past four years, have been a product of the girls’ determination and skill. With these contributions evident to scouts, the recruitment for athletic scholarships for each of the four girls was a positive outcome of their hard work.

On Wednesday, Feb. 2, the girls made their way to the MSD media center where they officially announced their commitment to their respective colleges in front of a supporting audience.

Two of the athletes, Reigel and McCausland, decided to commit to Berry University, a Division III school. Already on the same high school team, their chemistry is an advantage for the success of the future Berry soccer program.

Additionally, Lund committed to Converse University, and Novik committed to Limestone University, which are both Division II schools.

From a young age, the girls knew that soccer was the best path for their interests. Developing an early love for the sport, the girls were constantly dedicated to success.

“I started playing travel soccer when I was eight,” McCausland said. “My dad was a college soccer player so he encouraged me to play.”

McCausland believes that her best strength, which also applies to the other girls on her team, is versatility and teamwork both on and off the field, skills that the colleges were extremely fond of.

Although the college commitment likely resulted following the recruitment process, the girls saw significant interest in the colleges they decided to commit to. The interest of each of their colleges allowed the girls to grow significant enthusiasm for their decision to advance their athletic careers.

“I was looking for a division three school with a fantastic medical program, which Berry had. When I stepped on campus and met their coach and players, I knew it was the place I wanted to be,” McCausland said.

In addition to the four girls of the MSD team committing, senior Michelle Berndt committed to Johns Hopkins University earlier to advance her own soccer career.

Each girl’s decision to commit to their college was a product of the hard work put into their respective soccer careers, in addition to their admiration for their chosen school. Moving forward, the girls look to further the Eagles’ success in the playoffs before moving on to the later stages of their athletic careers in the upcoming years.