[Review] ‘Court’ by Tracy Wolff is an action-packed Young Adult fantasy novel


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“Court” by Tracy Wolff is a drama and action-packed Young Adult romance novel. Photo courtesy of tracywolffauthor.com

Maeghan Koury, Writer

“Court” by Tracy Wolff is the fourth and newest release in Crave, a popular Young Adult series. The books may be lengthy, with each one ranging from 600-900 pages, but the chapters are very short, fast-paced and action-packed.

Wolff introduces readers to a supernatural boarding school, called Katmere Academy, full of wolves, witches, vampires, dragons, gargoyles and more supernatural creatures.

The plot is a mix of “Twilight” with a gloomy love triangle and “Vampire Academy” with a boarding school concept.

In the first chapter, we are introduced to our main character Grace Foster who is recently orphaned. She moves in with her uncle, the headmaster of Katmere Academy in Alaska, to attend the school. Within the first week of attending Katmere, Foster realizes that it’s not like any school she’s been to before. People stare and whisper around her. Additionally, there are secrets she’s determined to find out.

Foster soon learns that she’s a bigger part of this world than she previously thought. She’s thrown into life-threatening situations with an evil vampire king, dangerous political games and life-or-death competitions.

The love interest, Jaxon Vega, is broody and closed off for the first half of the book; he is rude to Foster and pushes her away, despite being drawn to her, because he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of him.

The 4th installment picks up right where the third book ends and walks the reader through the grief of the main characters; a clear change is evident with the personalities of the characters and how they matured after the traumatic life-changing events of the previous book, “Covet.”

“Court” is darker and more serious than the previous books in the series with topics like death, war and gore being explored in detail.

Panic attacks, death, emotional and physical torture are prominent topics in this book. Trigger warnings on the back of the book should be carefully read. It is clear that this series is taking a deeper turn compared to the light-hearted fun that was in the first three books; it is a clear change in the universe.

The story has constant plot twists every few chapters that keeps the reader intrigued and wanting more from the storyline and the characters. Foster is pushed into the middle of it all and is constantly told new things about herself and her family, while trying to decode the truth. New characters are introduced and explored, constantly threatening to tear her life and everything she has built apart.

Foster’s romance evolves in this book; it is clear that both her and the love interest have grown as characters and evolved their relationship. Many of the questions from book one, “Crave,” were finally explored and answered, which shows the clear foreshadowing from the first book.
This YA fantasy series by Tracy Wolff may not be the perfect read for people that prefer deep complex world-building and characters, but it is a fun read that will keep you on your toes and leave you wanting more.