MSD seniors’ bittersweet feelings on graduation


Mariapaz Santacoloma

The class of 2022 shares their feelings on graduating from high school.

Erika Ryan, Writer

Hundreds of senior students, wearing a cap and gown, sit patiently in their seats as they wait for graduation to commence. A feeling of exhilaration overcomes the students as the speakers begin calling out names, walking across the stage, the students feel as if this is a start to a new beginning.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School seniors will soon be on their way to graduation where they will receive their high school diplomas. The class of 2022 graduation ceremony will be held at Nova Southeastern University on Sunday, June 5 at 9:00 a.m.

With just three months left till graduation, many seniors have mixed feelings on leaving high school behind and starting the next phase of their life so soon. Many see high school graduation as closing a chapter to their childhood life.

“I definitely do believe that once our graduation ceremony ends there are going to be a lot of quick changes in everyone’s lives,” senior Trinity Paelez said. “We’re going to be saying goodbye to our childhood basically and the friends that we have grown up with, it has to happen but it’s sad.”

Even though MSD seniors will be leaving behind friendships, family, clubs and activities, many are thrilled that they will be able to have a new experience outside of highschool.

“I’ve been wanting to graduate for so long now, I’m beyond ready to start this new chapter in my life,” senior Marlo Perkins said. “As much as I love the memories and friends I’ve made here, it’s time for a change of environment.”

Other students have mixed emotions about graduation. Feeling bittersweet for leaving their friends and memories they have gained while being at MSD, but also excited to see what the future has in store.

“Knowing that graduation is coming in just a few months is a little bittersweet. I have made so many memories here and have been around friends that I’ve known since elementary school,” senior Elaine Chen said. “However, the excitement of knowing that I’m about to start something new in my life in such a different environment is very thrilling.”

Seniors have been feeling different emotions while waiting for the graduation date to approach. There have been feelings of sadness, excitement, and so much more. MSD seniors will be able to close their high school phase and enter the next stage in their life, whether that is college or other activities.