[Review] The Taco Project spices up The Walk with recent opening


Madeline Newhof

Mighty menu. The Taco Project’s menu has many different food options displayed on their colorful menu. They offer a variety of Mexican dishes ranging from crunchy burrito bowls to sweet, doughy churros.

Madeline Newhof, Photographer

Located on University Drive, the Taco Project is a new trendy dining experience with a stylish ambiance and great food. Despite being named the Taco Project, they offer more than just tacos. Their menu consists of many other Mexican dishes such as burritos, burrito bowls, quesadillas and so much more.

To order, customers walk to the back of the restaurant, then sit at one of their many available tables. I chose to sit inside at one of their countertop seating options, opposed to sitting outside or at one of their larger tables. All of the seating areas were equipped with napkins, salt, pepper, hot sauce and chipotle sauce.

The restaurant’s atmosphere was clean and the interior decorated quite nicely. My favorite part of the decoration were the different neon signs hanging on the walls. There was also a beautiful mural painted inside which brings more color and an artistic appeal to the otherwise bland walls.

Taco rush. The Taco Project is a new Mexican restaurant opened on University Drive. Families are being served different foods and drinks during the lunchtime rush.

Upon entering the restaurant, you are greeted with a busy and diverse eatery full of people of all ages. Compared to lunch, there was a slightly longer wait time at dinner; however, the time was only around five minutes, which gave me time to look over the menu and decide what I wanted. After carefully looking over the menu, I decided on ordering the Mexican corn, steak tacos and churros. It only took around 10 minutes for all of the food to come out.

The first item I tried was Mexican corn. This dish is corn on the cob with cotija, mayo and lemon chili pepper spice sprinkled on top. It was quite simple but filling and a tasty snack. Unlike most Mexican corn, it has a bit of a sweet taste whilst being charred. The combination of the sweet, charred and salty flavors made it something I would eat any day of the week.

Sweet and tangy corn. The Mexican corn at The Taco Project is quite unique to their restaurant. The corn is charred and coated with cotija, mayo, and lemon chili pepper allowing for a perfect mix of sweet and savory.

I moved on to the steak tacos. One order contains two tacos consisting of yellow corn tortillas and skirt steak topped with guaca salsa, chimichurri, cilantro and thinly sliced radishes. The skirt steak was cooked evenly and was pleasantly flavorful. The seasonings, along with the chimichurri sauce, were the perfect final touches.

The showstopper of the entire meal had to have been the churros. They had a soft, fluffy consistency that differed from most other Mexican restaurants, which often have tougher textures making it hard to eat. The doughy churros are coated with cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate and caramel dipping sauce. I was not the biggest fan of the churros combined with the dipping sauces, since both were a little too sweet for my liking. I recommend eating them plain if your sweet tooth is a little more sensitive.

The staff were also very polite; they made us feel welcomed and helped us with what to order. The manager came out and talked to me about the food. He wanted to know how the food was and if I enjoyed it, displaying his kindness and care for his customers. Overall, I had a wonderful experience and will most definitely be coming back to the restaurant in the future with both friends and family.