[Review] ‘My Friend Anna’ gives readers an intimate and addictive look into the crimes of Anna Sorokin


Lilly Citrin

My Friend Anna is a story filled with backstabbing friends, con artists, and crime. Rachel DeLoache Williams brings readers in on her experience with trending con artist Anna Sorokin.

Lilly Citrin, Writer

‘My Friend Anna,’ a book written by Rachel DeLoache Williams and published on July 23, 2019, provides an in depth look into con artist Anna Sorokin from Williams’ point of view, who was once a friend and victim of Sorokin.

Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey or the “Soho Grifter,” was a big time con artist who conned businesses, banks and individuals such as Citibank and City National out of hundreds of thousands of dollars between the years of 2013 and 2017.

In ‘My Friend Anna,’ Williams gives readers an engaging look into Sorkin’s crimes, specifically a traumatic experience that occurred in Marrakech, Morocco. Williams and Sorkin, along with two more of their friends, traveled to Marrakech for an extravagant vacation.

Williams gives a description of the event with great detail from start to finish. Readers feel as if they really stayed in the lavish villa in La Mamounia, one of Morocco’s most regal hotels. The group of friends also took advantage of many of Morocco’s amazing excursions and restaurants. Unfortunately for Williams, with this luxurious vacation came a hefty price.

As their stay came to a close, tensions rose and in the end Sorkin had managed to con Williams into paying for the entire trip on her company card, costing her a total of roughly $62,000.

Williams then goes into the events that took place when they returned to the States. Her days were filled with stress and anxiety while waiting for Sorokin to pay her back, which never happened.

Williams later goes into her process of how she aided the ADA and police into catching Sorkin. She gives readers an exciting and personal view of what the courtroom was like while she testified against her supposed friend that had cost her thousands of dollars and her job.

‘My Friend Anna’ is a great read that leads readers to feel as if they have a first hand experience with Sorkin. Tackling topics of friendship and white collar crime, it is perfect for readers who want to read an unforgettable story of crime and backstabbing.

Readers can purchase this book from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, ThriftBooks, Audible and many more literary outlets. The book is selling for a range of prices from $7.19 to $17.09.

For anyone who ca not seem to get into reading or just never found a book they loved, this book could be it. I highly recommend trying Williams’ story out. It is an exciting and entertaining read because of the twists and turns of Williams’ experience with Sorokin which is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

The ‘My Friend Anna’ book is not the only platform to explore Sorokin and William’s story. Netflix’s series “Inventing Anna,” released February of this year, explores Sorokin’s crimes against bank, and hotels. The show takes viewers through the mind of Sorokin through the eyes of a journalist, Vivian Kent. Kent is a character inspired by Jessica Pressler, the real journalist who investigated and wrote an article on Sorokin.

Williams’ role in Sorokin’s life and capture plays a large part in the nine episode series. Julia Garner, Laverne Cox and Katie Lowes, utilize their spectacular acting skills to bring Sorokin and Williams’ story to life.

‘My Friend Anna’ is an engrossing piece of literature sure to peak any reader’s interest. The book envelopes readers in a world of crime, lavish restaurants and hotels, and friendship. If you are looking for a read you can’t put down, look no further. ‘My Friend Anna’ is bound to keep you coming back for more.