Review: “Oh Wonder” concert stuns crowd

Review: Oh Wonder concert stuns crowd

Samantha Getz


To conclude their seven week tour, Oh Wonder performed at the Culture Room in Ft. Lauderdale on Nov. 3. The show was sold out and the venue was packed with fans ready to witness a highly anticipated performance.

Even though the doors were not scheduled to open until 7:00 p.m., various dedicated fans started lining up as early as 2:00 p.m. While waiting to go inside the venue, everyone was singing and sharing their excitement for the concert.

“The best part about Oh Wonder’s concerts is that they bring people with the same interests and the same love for music together,” sophomore Aoife Redmond said.

When the doors finally opened, the crowd battled their way to the front of general admission. The stage was full of amplifiers and instruments ready to be brought to life and as time went by the crowd and the anticipation increased.

The tour’s opening act, Elliot Moss, rocked out on stage and exhilarated the crowd with his music. Moss performed a variety of songs from upbeat and exciting, to slow and soothing. The talented performer constantly switched between the guitar and the keyboard while singing.

At about 9:30 p.m., the lights dimmed down and the crowd screamed with such excitement that you could feel the room vibrating. Then Anthony and Josephine took the stage and kicked off the night with their song “Livewire,” and made the audience go crazy as they danced and sang along.

“The whole room felt like one, big family for a night brought together by the band” sophomore Jackie Corin said.

Josephine even made an emotional speech about “what it means to be human,” inspiring many of the band’s young fans.

Eventually, the band went off stage to prepare themselves for an encore after their setlist. Anthony and Josephine thanked everyone for joining them on a special last night of their tour and said their goodbyes.

They sang their final two songs and ended with their hit, “Technicolor Beat.” As they departed, the crowd was going insane due to the band’s fantastic performance. Overall, it is safe to say that their fans were left with a night to remember.