Letter to the Editor: AI Art is nonsense


Julia Landy

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Dear Editor,

Of all the nonsense artists have had to endure this year thanks to tech-bros not having an ounce of creativity or respect for artists, AI “art” is the worst yet. AI art is the epitome of the abuse artists must suffer at the hands of creatively and morally bankrupt people who steal their labor to maximize profits. The vast majority of AI art is sourced from work stolen from artists in order to create a pale imitation of the passion and skill required to make an actual art piece. Most AI art seems to fall into one of two categories, generic anime characters with conveniently cropped out hands or landscapes that look worse the longer you look at them. This art has no message, purpose, or passion behind it, and it only serves to discourage artists from sharing their works when they know that their already tenuous financial future is even more at stake when they know that at any moment their work can be stolen by “nftLuvr411” just so they can train their AI that still cannot draw hands to create as many generic anime people as possible.


Submitted by Andres Ortiz, 11.