The varsity football team begins the season with concern and uncertainty [Brief]

Daniel Pirtle

On Friday, Sept. 1st, the men’s varsity football team kicked their season off with a defeat at the hands of the South Broward High Bulldogs at a score of 21-7.

The Eagles entered this 2017-18 season with many new issues and concerns, one of which was the replacement all five starters from last year’s offensive line. The new offensive line is led by senior Center Lucas Taylor (52).

In their varsity debut, the offensive linemen aided quarterback Tyler Goodman’s (1) sneak from the 5-yard line into the end zone for the Eagles’ only touchdown in the game.

Goodman is one of the few starters returning from last season, and he has become revered within the county for his work as Douglas’ quarterback. This shift in linemen, though, creates a challenge that Goodman must become accustomed to.

“We need to be stronger on the offensive line and more consistent,” said Goodman. “We need to give 100 percent effort on every play.”

The Eagles offense faces another obstacle, as star receiver Tai Lehtio is not expected to return from a severe foot injury until the middle of the season. Lehtio has become an asset to Goodman on the field, so for the first half of the season, that presents another necessary adjustment.

The Eagles will look to earn a victory on Wed. Sept. 6 at Cumber Stadium during the homecoming game against Coconut Creek.

Update: The football game on Wednesday has been rescheduled. The date of the next game remains unknown.