[Brief] Hurricane Irma forces schedule change

Lewis Mizen

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, and the loss of over a week of school because of it, the Broward County School Board came to a decision in order to alleviate the pressure on students and teachers alike.

A unanimous vote by the board on Oct. 3 approved the conversion of two early release days, Oct. 19 and Oct. 22, to full days in order to soften the blow of the lost week. This is in order for the District to meet the required instructional hours required by the state without creating additional make-up days.

Along with this change there was also a decision to change the start dates of the second and third  marking periods.The start of second quarter has been extended to Oct. 30 and the start of third quarter has been extended to Jan. 19.

The motive behind these changes was to enable teachers and students to recover from the lost days without any changes to the length of winter break, spring break or the date of the last day of school. The changes were modeled after the idea presented by Superintendent Robert W. Runcie during the Sept. 26 School Board meeting.

Any student, parent or teacher who wishes to view the updated calendar can find it here