[Brief] Colleges come to MSD

Samantha Goldblum

With college applications and frantic students roaming the halls, some updates will bring students’ minds at ease. Sixty one colleges have been scheduled to come to MSD to provide information regarding their schools and 25 have already occurred since the school year began. There are still 36 universities scheduled to come to MSD with college requirement information.

Through BRACE adviser Eunice Ramirez, many students, mostly juniors and seniors, come in and out of her office with overflowing amounts of questions.  

She encourages even sophomores to come visit her and ask her about college.

“It is never too early to think about your college career,” Ramirez said.

These college visits are a unique way for students to get to know school recruiters and to be able to ask questions about the schools they are interested in. In state, the University of Florida is the most attended college visit, and out of state, Boston University. Colleges are so intent on recruiting students from MSD that state universities as far as Oregon are scheduling visits.

Without making a commitment during the visits, students can meet with these recruiters, which could influence their college decisions and plans for the future.     

For more information, contact Ramirez in the guidance office or your guidance counselor.