Coral Springs Farmers’ Market returns in October

Richard Doan

Photo courtesy of Tribune News Service
Fresh carrots and other vegetables are available at the Coral Springs Farmers’ Market. Photo courtesy of Tribune News Service

The Coral Springs Farmer’s returned for the fall season on Sunday, Oct. 8.

The market is expected to offer the community favorites of local vendors. The variety of fresh and organic foods will range from produce, pastas, herbs and baked goods as well as olive oils, jams and much more. Also, there will be gourmet treats that are sure for canines and cats alike.

This October will mark the third anniversary of Coral Springs’ very own farmer’s market after a rather unsuccessful attempt back in 2013. Now, the Coral Springs community is able to purchase food items directly from local producers whether they crave artisan cheeses or hearty nuts.

New offerings include a revamped menu that reflects our region’s agricultures and seasons.  With vibrant fruits and vegetables, locals can savor the transparency and palatability of the offered goods.

“I came to the Coral Springs Farmer’s Market a lot last year, and am looking forward to its return.  I absolutely love coming here every other Sunday to enjoy the food, music, crafts and community. I am excited to try all of the diverse options the Coral Springs Farmer’s Market has to offer in the months to come,” senior Julia Salomone said.

Consumers come for the high quality goods, but stay for the enduring personal connections farmer’s markets promote. Such an event can bind the community together for the common interest in fresh local foods and pets.  

Aside from serving as venues for forging new relationships with the love for food, the Coral Springs Farmers’ Market serves to facilitate the local economy. Farmer’s markets create business, and such business creates jobs. The money from businesses earned in a community is reinvested into the city when spent at farmer’s markets. In today’s globalized world dominated by agribusiness, directly purchasing fresh goods from local farmers helps sustain their cause.

There is an increasing trend in knowing where food comes from and knowing what is in the food that people eat.The heightened interest in personal health can be entertained at the local farmer’s market right here in Coral Springs. Many of those concerned about the possible negative implications of pesticides, hormones and genetic modifications can visit the next Coral Springs’ Farmer’s Market on Oct. 22.