Students personalize inspirational bracelets


Student creates personalized bracelet. Photo by Suzanna Barna

Taylor Morrison

Student creates personalized bracelet. Photo by Suzanna Barna

Following the events of Feb. 14, a company called MyIntent Project donated 3,600 bracelets and five “maker kits” to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The group reached out to MSD and arranged the donation with the help of ceramics teacher Sandra Traub.

MyIntent is a service project created two years ago by Chris Pan to spread positive energy. According to their website, MyIntent hopes to encourage people to “share more truth and inspiration with each other.” The group encourages people to start meaningful conversations, support the journeys of those in their community and live with purpose.

“In a world inundated with distractions, it’s powerful to have a daily reminder of what you want to actively focus on, or manifest, everyday,” Traub said.

On Tuesday, April 3 and Wednesday, April 4, students were given the opportunity during personalization classes to craft bracelets under the gazebo in the art courtyard with the help of Traub.

Students were instructed to choose a word with meaning to them, such as “family,” “courage” and “listen,” to be engraved on their bracelet. Students were given a packet with a three-step process to “find your word.”

Step one encouraged students to start with a question, such as “what’s a goal of yours?” or “what brings you joy?” and write down the first words that come to mind on a sheet of paper. Second, students were instructed to identify how they can achieve the words they wrote down in the previous step. Finally, students identified their word, at which point they were told to declare out-loud what their chosen word is.

“The word I chose for my bracelet was ‘change,’” junior Ariana Ali said. “I think it is a very relevant word for the environment at our school right now, and it is very important to me as I am part of a group called ‘Students for Change.’”

Once a student choose their word, Traub stamped their word onto their black bracelet. Then they received their completed bracelet in a matter of minutes. Students are encouraged to see the bracelets as a reminder of this trying chapter in their lives that they will overcome.