Review: Netflix Original “The Umbrella Academy” brings Gerard Way’s comic to life



Dante Albidone, Aidan Gallagher, Cameron Brodeur, Eden Cupid, Ethan Hwang, and Blake Talabis in The Umbrella Academy (Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix/TNS)

Mackenzie Quinn, Editor-in-Chief

“The Umbrella Academywas released on Feb. 15, based on Gerard Way’s comic of the same title that was released 12 years ago. The show was created by Netflix, and features a total of ten episodes in its first season.

This show is not like many other superhero shows; the viewer does not get a backstory on how the main characters got their powers or anything regarding the powers at all. The only explanation given is that all of their mothers were all mysteriously impregnated and the children were  all born that same day.

The story follows the adopted children of Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), with each child, now fully grown, having powers of their own. Luther, who is known as“Number 1” (Tom Hopper/Cameron Brodeur) has super strength, Diego “Number 2” (David Castañeda/Blake Talabis) can control knives and is a skilled fighter, Allison “Number 3” (Emmy Raver-Lampman/Eden Cupid) can make things true by saying “I heard a rumor”, Klaus “Number 4” (Robert Sheehan/Dante Albidone), is able to communicate with the dead, Five “Number 5” (Aidan Gallagher), has the ability to time travel, and Vanya aka “Number 7” (Ellen Page/T.J. McGibbon), is believed to be completely ordinary.

The children come together for the first time in years after the death of their adoptee, Sir Reginald, only to end up fighting. Five, who has been missing since he was 13, returned with news that the world was going to end in eight days. Five and his siblings try to save the world, but are targeted by an organization called The Commission that is charged with keeping the timeline in tacked.

Now constantly on the run from time-traveling hitmen from The Commission, Hazel (Cameron Britton) and Cha-Cha (Mary J. Blige) must learn to work together again since the world is coming to an end and they are the only ones who can save it.

Over the course of the ten episodes, the viewers follow extremely awkward romances between the show’s characters, a hitman’s journey to redemption and the discovery of unknown powers. There are multiple storylines portrayed with mystery, humor and action that make it enjoyable for any viewer to watch.

The show has strong themes of power and family. It basically demonstrates that not everything is blatantly good or evil, and that no matter what one can count on their family to help them with their struggles.