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The Salt Box offers free sessions to MSD students

The Salt Box is a salt therapy provider located in Parkland that is offering 5 free stress-relieving sessions to MSD students. Photo courtesy of Jessi Powell.

Over the course of the past two months, students have gracefully accepted a plethora of donations from local companies. One particular company, The Salt Box, located in the Parkland Town Center, offered five free sessions to anyone who was affected by the tragedy, including students, teachers, friends and parents.

Salt therapy is an all-natural procedure which simply involves sitting in a room with a salt diffuser. This non-invasive therapy technique mainly helps respiratory issues like allergies and asthma, as well as skin conditions, such as eczema. Salt therapy also helps with anxiety and overall wellness.

Upon arriving at The Salt Box, participants are asked to show identification and fill out a form. The five sessions can be broken up over time and do not expire. You can either experience the group therapy sessions or a single session.

A group therapy session consists of seven lounge chairs in a room with salt crystal walls. They dim the lights to create a serene environment and begin to run the salt diffuser. The salt is grounded and dispersed in the air; the particles are so small that shining lights are needed to see the specs.  

“Friends can go in groups of seven, which is nice because it gives you something to do. However, I feel like it may be more effective if you went alone,” freshman Madison Brian said.

Oftentimes the salt causes people to feel relaxed and somewhat sleepy. They encourage participants to take a nap and refrain from using electronics so they can unwind and take their mind off of things.

“It was a very chill environment, so it was easy to relax,” junior Allison Torres said.

Many students have taken the opportunity to use The Salt Box as a group therapy session with friends. The unique thing about the Salt Box is that it is a naturally pure cleansing session for the body and mind without a confrontation with a therapist.

Located at 6710 Parkside Drive in Parkland, The Salt Box typically cost $99 for five sessions. They offer group therapy session for 45 minutes, single therapy sessions for 25 minutes and a children’s salt-sand box.

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