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College Board waives testing fees for MSD students

Following the events of Feb. 14, College Board made the decision to waive all testing fees for all students who were enrolled at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School prior to the shooting. College Board in an attempt to show support for the Parkland community has has decided to remove such fees, including testing and sending score reports to colleges. Although […]

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Student Stress Reaches New Heights

Many students at Douglas would agree that one of the main reasons for their distaste for school comes from the excessive stress it brings into their lives. This is not to say that school should not be in our lives – it’s a necessity – but it is to say that some of the curriculum, parents, classes, and overall expectations do need to be tuned down […]

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Mrs. Hitchcock's 5th Period Class

A Revolutionary Project

Every year, AP U.S. History teacher Lisa Hitchcock has her students simulate their choice of influential, yet relatively unknown participants of the American Revolution. Students are required to create a costume, visual, primary source and background information in order to accurately depict their figure. “I began doing the project about 10 years ago, in 2005,” Hitchcock said. “I had been looking […]

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