Retro trends are making a comeback


Thais Guerra, Samantha Goldblum, Mackenzie Quinn Photo illustration by Brianna Jesionowski

Mackenzie Quinn, Editor-in-Chief

To create the look, mom jeans and overalls are paired with simple graphic or plain tees. The outfits are tied together with statement belts or flannels. Denim on denim may be seen by some as horrendous, but others are embracing the extravagant blue trend. 

Stores such as Forever 21 has recently added aisles dedicated to neon athleisure-wear, sequin party dress, and graphic tees with the time’s pop culture. Forever 21 has just recently begun carrying these trends, but stores like Urban Outfitters have been known for their expensive retro designs for years and they continue to keep the trends alive. 

Following the trends comes at a price that many teens are not willing to pay. Creatively, these individuals have worked around this price obstacle by revamping family members’ old clothes or rummaging through thrift shops. There are even Instagram accounts for selling up-styled vintage clothes. 

Some hair trends that are making a comeback are bangs and butterfly clips. Scrunchies, while popular two years ago, have been made into a joke across many social media platforms but remain popular nonetheless. 

These “old” trends have found their way into the teenage generation. Lost in a sea of Pinterest boards and Instagram posts, teens are able to find new outfits using items they already have around the house.

Nostalgia along with judgement has become prevalent amongst these trends.  Some trends like the neon 80s have been exaggerated since they were first popularized. What once was a Halloween costume is now sold as simple, everyday clothing items. 

The 80s and 90s are not the only things inspiring current fashion trends though. Corset shirts come from the Victorian and many other eras. Bell-bottoms and large, circular glasses were all popular throughout the 70s. 

Retro dressing comes in many styles just like any fashion trend. There are bright sweaters from the 80s, pastel tube tops from the 90s and even punk callbacks starting from the 70s. 

For most people, all of these trends are part of an aesthetic. The outfits are part of who they are and how they express themselves. What normally goes hand in hand with this fashion is interest in retro pop culture. Movies and TV shows from the eras have even regained popularity. Vinyl records and polaroid cameras are being sold in any book and tech shop. 

As time goes on, it is apparent that trends occur in cycles and it is very clear that many 70’s, 80’s and 90’s trends have come back into style recently.