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Photo illustration by Melodie Vo

Manifestation trends on TikTok

Imagine directing all of your energy on a specific intent and bringing out your very own desired outcome. Whether it is a job, goal or person, engaging in simple activities for a few minutes a day can attract anything you wish. The act of manifestation […]

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Junior Amoli Kulkarni changes how she is dressed depending on if it is a silver or burgundy day. Photo courtesy of Amoli Kulkarni

School fashion changes with virtual class

For some teenagers at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, back to school outfits are nerve-racking to put together. Every August, these students may experience both excitement and anxiety when back to school shopping with their friends; some of them may even think that picking out […]

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Thais Guerra, Samantha Goldblum, Mackenzie Quinn 

Photo illustration by Brianna Jesionowski

Retro trends are making a comeback

Over the past five years, trends from the 80s and 90s have been making a return. It all began with chokers, a simple accessory that skyrocketed. From there it was jeans, jackets and shirts. To create the look, mom jeans and overalls are paired with […]

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