MSD varsity football team earns first district championship in over a decade


Photo by Taylor Yon

Charlie Goodman

Photo by Taylor Yon

Thursday, Oct. 25, was a momentous day for the MSD varsity football team as they clinched the division championship that they had been striving for all year long.

Win number eight was one that not only was an individual success but encapsulated the entire body of work from the season.

Taking on Coral Glades High, the Eagles went into the game knowing exactly the stakes and used it as motivation to explode for a blowout win. This game ended in a 37 point spread and truly embodied the determination of both the offense and the defense.

In the first half of the game, the Eagles scored five touchdowns in the and held Coral Glades to just nine points.

This was a great team win against a division rival. 

“They’re a big cross town rival so it is always big to beat them. We need to stay focused and stay humble and keep going as we push forward in the season,” senior Ryan Belk (80) said.

In addition, by swarming Coral Glades with a final score of 52-15, MSD showed that it has what it takes to thrive in clutch situations.

This is a massive statement from MSD to themselves and  the rest of South Florida high school football that the Eagles team is not to be taken lightly.

This victory also marked a very special moment for a Douglas team that is seeing unique success this season.

“It was our first district championship, and we feel really great about what that means for us as a team and as a school,” added Belk. 

Upon this landmark win, the Eagles will look to charge into the season finale and the playoffs with very high expectations, soaring new heights for the school football program.

The next and final game of the regular season will take place against Plantation High School at Cumber Stadium on Friday, Nov. 1, at 7:00 p.m.