Class of 2020 board posts video dedicated to the senior class to spread positivity

Matthew Rosenthal, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

MSD Class of 2020 board members and Principal Michelle Kefford create video to spread positivity throughout the senior class.

Due to the recent closure of schools for the 2019-2020 school year by Governor Ron DeSantis, seniors have officially lost out on the last couple months of their last year of high school. 

Before Broward County Public Schools releases any information regarding special events such as graduation, chord ceremony and prom, the senior class board decided to send out a video through Remind featuring Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Principal Michelle Kefford and Class of 2020 board members sending positive messages to their fellow seniors. 

In the video, senior officers alongside Kefford spoke, focusing their message on how to “stay strong” in these sad times while senior events are still in the stages of being planned.

“I am trying to ensure that we stay connected with all of our students through our interactive sessions, where the administrators and myself visit frequently,” Principal Kefford said. “We also have activities with the staff and I have some additional things in the works.”

According to Nick Joseph, MSD’s Senior Class President, the idea behind the video was a way of communicating with all the seniors, especially since the cancellation of prom and possibly graduation has definitely brought down the class. The video addressed the situation of their special events served as a way to try and to lift everyone’s spirits. 

In the video, board members that spoke included Principal Kefford, President Nick Joseph, Senators Brianna Fisher, Rachel Taylor, Tyler Hersch, Zoe Gordon and Rachel Nattis, Secretary Sam Hendler and many more. 

“The senior class board felt that it was pivotal to communicate with our student body to tell them that we are all in this together, and we will be able to be recognized in the way that we deserve,” Hendler said. 

At the end of the video, the senior class got a special treat of Joseph walking out to the John Cena theme song displaying the message,  “The Time is Now.” While fully clothed, he then jumped right into his pool. 

“The situation is a terrible one, but I’ve always been able to cheer people up and make them laugh, so I just wanted to do something to make everyone smile despite the unfortunate situation,” Joseph said. 

As a senior class board, this was quite a way of bringing positivity to the class of 2020 after all of the letdowns they have been through.