Big 10 kick off 2020 season

Brady Freidkes, Writer

South Carolina’s Shi Smith (13) carries the ball as LSU’s Maurice Hampton Jr. (14) tries to bring him down at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2020. Photo courtesy of Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images/TNS

In the past, college football has acted as a form of entertainment for many sports fans across the country. However, as week 9 approaches in the NCAA football league, many football fanatics are missing out on  the joys of the season. This is due to some conferences, including Mountain West, Mid-America and the Pac-12 temporarily dropping out of the league due to COVID-19 concerns.

 Despite only participating with seven out of ten conferences, the NCAA is planning to move forward in the direction of a National Championship. However, this will be no easy task by any means as teams, coaches and players must maintain the proper COVID-19  guidelines. 

It has definitely been an intriguing season thus far as colleges are playing every Saturday in front of a small capacity of fans. Typically, colleges are accustomed to having fans packed in seats, advocating for their university to win. In regards COVID-19 regulations, the players have to acclimate to these changes for this season. Despite that, players are still giving it their all as they attempt to thrive under new circumstances.

“Players seem motivated this season despite COVID,” sophomore Jimmy Keene said. “As of right, I’m extremely pleased with the recent results.”

Prior to the pandemic, college football was set ready to start on time, however, the  season got pushed back. Now the league has made the decision to opt back in. The Big Ten is a very competitive conference and has been played for over eight decades. Ultimately, NCAA President Mark Emmert was determined to have Big Ten this season.

“I’ve been watching college football since I was a kid and I was really losing hope as I thought the season was going to be canceled,” senior Daniel Haviv said.

Since the announcement of the Big Ten returning to action, the Board of Governors who oversee the entire league will not let increasing positive COVID-19 cases interfere with their season. The board has decided that they will continue to play regardless. Due to the league’s truncated schedule it will be extremely difficult to balance out when a team can potentially play a make up game.

“Personally, the season will be played without any cancellation of games,” Senior Chana Bollampally said. “Teams usually respect league orders.” 

Many players and fans they’ll be able to witness a Big 10 battle between some of the best schools in the country.