TNS drops “Rings Rings” on SoundCloud

Gillian Marton

With the baseball team coming off of a states win- the first ever Marjory Stoneman Douglas baseball state victory- school enthusiasm is running high. Apart from the pep rally, which took place on May 22 to welcome the boys back to the nest, TNS has released a second song, “Rings Rings,” to honor and celebrate the state win.

“Everyone is going around singing “Rings Rings,” said TNS singer Demetri Fortaleza. “People love it, they love the whole hook.”

Like TNS’ previous song “Ring Chase,” which was written in order to motivate the baseball team before states, the song maintains a hip-hop and rap genre while featuring seniors Demetri Fortaleza, Gordon Jupiter and Joey Bullion.

“Rings Rings” enthusiastically depicts the Douglas victory, the hard work that went into the process, and the ecstatic emotion that the players felt after the last game.

TNS wrote and recorded their most recent song just a few days ago on May 24, only a few days after the baseball team returned home from states.

Although “Rings Rings” has become school-wide news, many prefer “Ring Chase,” as it served as an innovative way to inspire the baseball team.

“I think people prefer “Ring Chase,” since it was our first song and it was before the boys won states so it had a lot of hype ” Fortaleza said.

The song has racked up a total of 2,184 listeners and is available on SoundCloud, as well as on various outlets of social media. The student body has supported TNS on Twitter, where the song is heavily advertised, as well as other social facilities.

“When I first heard “Ring Chase” I couldn’t stop listening to it,” junior Alyssa Ramasarran said. “I still really like “Rings Rings,” but I just find “Ring Chase” more catchy. Overall, I’m just excited to see all of the excitement that these songs cause.”

Although TNS completed its goal of releasing two songs in support of the Douglas baseball team, this may not be the last of them and their music.

“We would probably do songs for other teams at Douglas,” Fortaleza said.

As Douglas continues to celebrate the state win, “Rings Rings” serves as a facilitator of school spirit and pride.

Listen to “Rings Rings” here: