MSD vs. West Broward varsity football game is postponed due to weather, despite the Eagles’ significant lead

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas varsity football team runs onto the field for their third game of the season. Despite a strong start, the Eagles were unable to continue the game due to harsh weather conditions.

Reece Gary and David Lopez

On Friday, Sept. 10, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School varsity football team prepared for their third matchup of the season against the West Broward High School Bobcats. Both teams secured undefeated records heading into the game, with the Eagles having a record of 2-0 and the Bobcats having a record of 1-0.

The Eagles’ 2-0 record was a product of their determination and athleticism, which allowed for a 33-0 home victory against Cooper City High School, and a 32-14 victory against Coconut Creek High School.

Despite their momentum heading into the game, the Eagles were aware that the West Broward Bobcats was a tougher team than their previous matchups. So, they looked to take every advantage possible in the game.

With Cumber Stadium packed to the brim with fans repping Hawaiian-themed outfits, the match was sure to be exciting and competitive. As the Eagles and Bobcats’ starting lineups took the field, kickoff approached to send the game under way.

Both teams’ defenses seemed to be at their best during the first quarter, as neither side was able to score. Despite this formality, the Eagles were able to have a few positive drives.

However, the second quarter completely changed the flow of the game as the Eagles’ offense was able to surpass the opposing defense. The Eagles had several first-down plays to bring them to around the opposing five-yard line, where they set up for a passing play. The Bobcats’ defense had other plans, ultimately forcing quarterback Ryan Spallina (15) to rush to the endzone for a diving touchdown.

“It was disappointing because of how we got our offense rolling. We did not have practice all week which is why we started slow and the game ended when we were starting to play better,” lineman Tucker Jean (62) said.

With the extra-point being scored, the Eagles were able to take a 7-0 lead in the second quarter. After the first score of the game, West Broward could gain only a few yards and were stopped multiple times by a rigid Eagles’ defense.

Momentum in their favor, Spallina took more chances down the field towards receivers Hervin Louis (5) and Chris Spencer (6). Both receivers took advantage with several downfield throws being caught for big gains, leading to Louis catching an overhead throw from Spallina to give the Eagles a second touchdown of the game. At 14-0, the Eagles went into halftime with a comfortable lead and looked to add onto the score in the 2nd half.

However, the weather intervened in the Eagles’ game plan and a lightning strike in the area confirmed a delay of the game. After an hour-long wait where fans were sent off the bleachers and out of the stadium, MSD confirmed the cancellation of the varsity football game.

Due to how much time remained in the game, the schools plan to reschedule their match to Oct. 18. The Eagles retained their 2-0 record, although the team had hoped to pick up a win after creating a big lead against the Bobcats.

“We’re definitely gonna be ready for the homecoming game. We’re confident because we keep getting better every game,” linebacker Ryan Cruz (78) said.

The Eagles’ next match is a crucial game against Deerfield Beach High School on Friday, Sept. 17., where they will face the first of a few highly ranked opponents in the coming weeks.