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Sophomore, Sofee Desai, looks stylish while dressing down

Jordyn Laudanno

Sophomore, Sofee Desai, looks stylish while dressing down
Sophomore, Sofee Desai, looks stylish while dressing down

Going to school is a strenuous act in itself, due to getting up in the morning at the crack of dawn being exhausting. Once students are finally out of a warm, cozy bed, the early bird grouchiness comes into place and all they want is to be comfortable again.

This results is not wanting to put on stiff jeans or tight shirts. How does putting on some soft sweatpants and a big hoodie sound? Scrubbing, which, according to Urban Dictionary means “dressing like a homeless person,” is something students at most schools do often.

Scrubbing to school is a very common thing here at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. But do people really consider it to mean that they are dressing as if they are a homeless person?

To me, scrubbing is wearing comfortable clothes that might not match, nor go together, but not caring about it in the slightest. You could even stay in your pajamas. From my perspective, putting your hair in a messy bun and no makeup is the best way to go.

Over the years, students dress codes have evolved. We went from a collared shirt and skirt era to running shorts and a sweater. We are fortunate enough that our school does not require uniforms, so lets take advantage of it.

People suggest that school is similar to work, and if that means getting things done, uncomfortable clothing should not be a bother. When you are taking an important test or trying to focus on your work you shouldn’t have to be worrying more than you already are.

Every high schooler has been or is stressed out a lot, that is basically what it means to be a student.  Within each grade there are different obstacles to deal with. I asked students here at Stoneman Douglas which grade they think scrubbed the most and they all responded with the same answer: seniors.

Yes, seniors have been through it all; four years with the same people in their class, and the same surroundings. MSD is like home to them, and based on that it  makes them very comfortable at school. Whether it’s a Friday or a Monday, they’re just here to do what they have to do and get out and to me they have the right idea.

If any one was to make a negative comment about your choice of clothing for the day, they are probably just wishing they were in such a comfy outfit. Typically, the only remark I have gotten in the past is “You look very comfortable,” and I respond with a big “Thank you.”

Whether it is sweatpants, a hoodie, running shorts, leggings or crocs, wear what ever makes you feel most pleasant and comfortable at school.

Scrubbing is acceptable any day of the week in my book. The seven hour school day involves a lot of focus and tedious work. Your clothes shouldn’t be a worry or make you feel uncomfortable, instead rock your crocs and be comfy and confident.