Sophomore Lily Fang delves into the world of digital art

MSD artist Lilly Fang expresses herself through digital art. She creates artwork that reflects her own life and the lessons she’s learned.

Briana Martin, Writer

Lily Fang, a sophomore at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, is often found doodling new characters that once completed, will be placed in her sketchbook of over 50 pages of designs and original characters. Her passion for art is something you cannot ignore because of her bright and artistic personality.

“It all started with me simply admiring the art style of cartoons I’d watch when I got home from school, like the PowerPuff Girls,” Fang said. “And now I’m in love with all things art and can’t imagine a day without sketching.”

Fang exhibits her thoughts and emotions by enriching her artistic taste. What began as a simple hobby at just six years old, has now flourished into the development of different art styles.

The fun and easy art projects Fang participated in during elementary school was what first introduced her to the world of art. From then on, she studied the art styles that were present around her, including children’s books, movies and shows which helped to grow a cartoonish art style for the characters she made.

“I started sketching in first grade,” Fang said. “I was inspired by [the children cartoon] art style and that’s how I picked up my art style, and I’ve been drawing ever since.”

As Fang got older, her main cartoonish art style remained, but she also began to experiment with different mediums. Fang usually sketches with graphite and colored pencils, but she has began using digital art now as well

For her digital artwork, Fang uses programs like Ibis Paint X and Procreate. She believes that the creative process is easier on these programs and more accessible to sketch any time of the day on her phone.

“[I do] digital and traditional art but mainly I do digital art because it’s faster and I have more brushes to work with,” Fang said.

Currently, Fang runs an Instagram account of digital artwork that she has worked on since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic.

Oftentimes, you can find Fang sketching on either paper or her phone during her free time creating new pieces for her followers. A lot of her pieces on Instagram have interesting backstories behind them based off of original storylines she creates.

Right now, the most difficult part of art for her is searching for ideas to start a new project.

“I think the hardest part of being an artist would probably be coming up with ideas. I doodle for a good portion of everyday whenever I have a chance which helps to get my creativity flowing,” Fang said.

In the future, Fang hopes to continue pursuing her passions, which includes art and helping others. She sees her skills as becoming more of a side hobby, however she does want to start selling her artwork to spread her creativity to others.

She is interested in going into a main career related to psychology and possibly becoming a therapist to help others with mental health.

Fang wants to continue exploring a multitude of art styles, including realism, pop art and her unique cartoon style both in and outside of art classes at MSD. Whether or not her future career involves art, she hopes to spread her creativity and positivity to others.