Sophomore Ethan Pakhomov plans on leading JV ice hockey team towards another successful season


Sophie Goodman

Sophomore Ethan Pakhomov plays hockey for the Stoneman Douglas Eagles JV team.

Ryan Shimony, Sports Editor

After obtaining a winning record last season, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior varsity ice hockey team prepared for an even better outcome to the upcoming 2021-2022 season. In order to make more improvements, the team made a few changes to their starting line up. Sophomore Ethan Pakhomov, who learned more about the game from his teammates and coaches, received the opportunity to start as a right wing from these changes.

Pakhomov had a rollercoaster relationship with the sport. He began playing at 3 years old, but dropped the sport when he moved from New York to Florida at 8 years old. However, Pakhomov resumed ice hockey three years later at 11 years old, when he decided to pick up his skates and sticks again.

Now, Pakhomov enjoys the sport on a high school level and being a part of the MSD team.

“I love being a part of a team and it feels like a family whether we win or lose,” Pakhomov said. “I love every moment of it.”

Although Pakhomov and his teammates are all very close, he believes they need to improve their communication on the ice. For example, the team recognized their need to play their positions efficiently and make good decisions.

“We need to communicate better in the rink,” Pakhomov said. “We need to get more passes, play better as a team and trust each other.”

In hockey, players must play as a team. This mentality encourages them to get along with each other on and off the rink, and to help one another when there are miscommunications, questions or concerns.

“Ethan is a great person on and off the ice and helps bring the team together by giving us helpful advice to make us better and excel at the game,” sophomore Dylan Miller (14) said.

Pakhomov’s favorite thing is to play hockey; however, he also likes being around his friends. His personal friendships have helped him improve his ability to be a team player and a leader.

“I like to hangout with my friends,” Pakhomov said. “I have a lot of fun with them, and it helps me communicate better with others.”

As a sophomore, Pakhomov has plenty of time to create a legacy on the rink. When he graduates high school, he hopes to play hockey at Florida State University.

“I want to go to FSU because of the great academic programs and good hockey team,” Pakhomov said.

On and off the ice, Pakhomov faces many challenges such as facing players better than him and finding time to manage school work with hockey. Pakhomov has many late nights, and he is motivated every step of the way.

In order to become as good as he can get, Pakhomov works out every day in the gym. He works on getting stronger and building up his endurance so he can outlast his opponent. Off the ice, Pakhomov further works on his stickhandling and shooting in his backyard.

Pakhomov has high hopes for a successful future in the sport. However, right now he is putting his future to the side and worrying about today.