[Review] “All Too Well: The Short Film” is the perfect companion for “Red (Taylor’s Version)”

Madison Friedman, Writer

With the release of Taylor Swift’s newest re-recorded album, “Red (Taylors Version)” coming out Nov. 12, Swift is at it again, shocking fans in the days leading up to its release. Swift will be adding eight never heard tracks (also known as vault tracks) and a 10 minute version of her song “All Too Well,” which has a short film to go with it.“All Too Well: The Short Film” stars Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. The film is directed by Taylor Swift and premiered on YouTube at 7:00 p.m. on Nov. 12. It is 14 minutes long and has Swift’s 10 minute “All Too Well” playing in the background, as the film represents the song.

While not confirmed, many believe the song (and therefore the short film) portrays Swift going through her breakup with actor Jake Gyllenhaal after they dated for about three months in 2020. Sink is believed to portray Swift and O’Brien as Gyllenhaal. I think these actors were a good choice because they have a large age gap, just like Swift and Gylllenhaal did, which is mentioned many times throughout the film with the lines like “I’ll get older, but your lovers stay my age.”

I really liked this film, as it had a very innocent-feeling relationship but then pictured intense emotions that made me feel “ok but not fine at all” mainly through Sink’s performance. I feel like it perfectly put the song “All Too Well” into pictures by doing things like Sink’s character leaving her red scarf with O’Brien’s character, which is represented in the line “I left my scarf there at your sister’s house.” Swift’s red scarf being left with Gyllenhaal has been a very popular topic that many analyze to mean something more.

The film also shows the “dancing around the kitchen under the refrigerator light” line which many fans were happy about. This line feels like it was a very sweet and innocent relationship when in reality that’s not what it was like at all which is shown by Sink’s and O’Brien’s argument in the kitchen right before this line was said.

The film shows fans what Swift was really feeling during these times, and although her music tells a very clear story, it was nice for fans to be able to see an actual picture played out for certain lyrics.

I also really enjoyed the setting of this film as well; it feels like a very comfy and warm small town during autumn season. In the trailer for the film, it shows an old fashioned car driving down a street covered in color changing leaves.

Due to Swift being the queen of easter eggs (also known as a hidden hint or reference to something,) many fans have already been looking into things that were put into the film that could show signs for her next re-recorded album. Many believe that “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” could be next.

I really enjoyed this film and I would love to see Swift do something similar in the future with another re-recorded song. I think it perfectly represented the song “All Too Well” and was a success for Swift and her message.