Sophomore Devin Fitz-Gerald commits to North Carolina State to continue his baseball journey


Carolina Ochoa Lozano

MSD sophomore Devin Fitz-Gerald commits to North Carolina State University for Division I baseball.

Carolina Ochoa Lozano, Photo Editor, Humans of MSD Editor

On Monday, Jan. 3, 2022, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School sophomore shortstop Devin Fitz-Gerald announced his commitment to play baseball at North Carolina State University. His family and friends proudly reposted the news about his latest achievement on their social media accounts.

Unlike other players that usually commit in their junior or senior year, Fitz committed to North Carolina State early into his high school career. As a matter of fact, Fitz was the first of the Class of 2024 on the baseball team to confirm his commitment.

North Carolina State is a NCAA Division 1 school. Fitz-Gerald was in talks with many other schools, but ultimately decided that North Carolina State was the right fit. The University’s history of developing infielders was what sealed the deal for him.

“I was talking to other schools but at the end of the day, [NCSU] was it, it just fit,” Fitz-Gerald said.

Fitz-Gerald and his family are very pleased with the opportunity presented to him. They believe the school fits him perfectly; not only are the school’s academics satisfactory, but the facilities are excellent.

“[NCSU] just felt like home, I loved everything about it,” Fitz-Gerald said.

The process of getting recruited was a great experience for Fitz-Gerald. Getting to know the coaches and building a relationship with them was his favorite part of the recruitment process, and of course getting chosen by one of the top programs in the country, according to the NCAA.

Fitz-Gerald has been playing baseball since he was three years old. He has played for numerous travel teams including the Pokers. He plays on the MSD baseball team as a shortstop. His inspiration for baseball comes from his father, Todd Fitz-Gerald, who has been the head coach of the MSD baseball team for the past 11 years and the environmental science teacher for freshmen.

“My dad is the one who got me where I am today,” Fitz-Gerald said.

From the moment Fitz-Gerald held a bat for the first time, his father knew baseball was his talent, dream and passion. Not only as a father but as a coach, Todd Fitz-Gerald knew his son had a true talent, especially with his excellent hand-eye coordination.

“Hopefully in 10 years, I’ll see Devin on TV in the big leagues. It is a dream of his, and it is up to him to follow it,” Todd Fitz-Gerald said.

Not only does his father believe in his talent, but Fitz-Gerald’s brother Hunter, along with his coaches, believe that in 10 years, Fitz-Gerald will be in the Major Leagues for baseball.

MSD’s baseball program has helped shape Fitz-Gerald into the shortstop he is today. Fitz-Gerald’s teammates also greatly admire him. “Sherm,” as his teammates call him, is described as a funny but loving person.

“Devin is just something different,” freshman and JV baseball player Erick Torres said.

His teammates love Fitz-Gerald because of his humor and sportsmanship. They wish him the absolute best, which they believe he deserves due to his work ethic.

“He works hard, plays hard,” junior Christian Rodriguez said.

MSD baseball has impacted Fitz-Gerald in many ways, and he absolutely loves the team and his teammates. The team encouraged him to never quit and to always work for what you want, which is to win.

In 2024, Fitz-Gerald will start his new baseball path when he graduates high school to go to North Carolina State and will start reaching for his goal of playing in the major leagues.