MSD boys’ JV basketball team ends season with huge win over Blanche Ely High School


Dhaanya Balaji

MSD boys’ junior varsity basketball team ends their 2021-2022 season with a 61-57 win over Blanche Ely High School.

Quincy Siffort, Writer

On Thursday, Jan. 27, the 4-8 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School boys’ JV basketball team played their last game of the 2021-2022 season against 3-5 Blanche Ely High School.

The game was filled with emotions and momentum changes. Both teams were exchanging runs, while leads were changing seemingly by the minute for most of the game.

The first quarter was sloppy on the offensive end for the Eagles as Ely’s full-court press was making it tough for MSD, forcing them to throw errand passes and turn the ball over. MSD’s defense is what kept them in the game. The Eagles were in passing lanes and crashing the defensive glass, and their downfall was unable to convert on fast breaks. Ely was a few points ahead leading into the second quarter.

Ely extended their lead in the beginning of the second quarter, scoring on fast breaks due to their relentless full-court press. The Eagles quickly adjusted and regained momentum by slowing down the pace of the game and making better passes. They decreased their deficit and got back into the game.

“Our coach always says [to be] calm in the storm and we were able to do that and overcome,” guard Noah George (4) said.

For most of the third quarter, it was a back-and-forth game as both teams exchanged blows. Ely continued their press and MSD didn’t back down. Ely gained momentum, but only for a short period.

In the fourth quarter, it was somewhat of the same story, but the Eagles kept their deficit under 7 and spirits were still high. With less than two minutes left in the game, shooting/point guard Jaden Zadanosky (3) put the game in his hands. Zadanosky scored a fastbreak layup, then shot a three-pointer on the next play to put the Eagles down two. In the blink of an eye, MSD was back in the competitive game. However, the game was eventually tied up and would head into overtime.

In overtime, MSD had all the momentum and their defense was smothering. Ely could not do much at all and didn’t have as much intensity as they did in past quarters. Both teams battled it out to the end, but MSD was victorious and finished with a 61-57 win.

“This game was a great cap to our season. We had our ups and downs, but this game showed us what we could do,” George said.

The season for the boys’ JV basketball team had its ups and down, with tough losses and hard-fought wins. This final game was a great way to cap their season with a happy ending and a 5-8 record for the team.