MSD men’s varsity lacrosse team drops another game against the Western Wildcats

Defender Ethan Rabess (6) maintains focus in a hard game against Western High School.

Josue Lopez and Mateo Venero

On Wednesday, March 2, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School men’s varsity lacrosse team took on the Western High School Wildcats. Both coming off of dominant wins, the competing teams each sought to continue their winning streak.

The first quarter kicked off with the Wildcats having early possession and pushing on offense. The Wildcats started off hot by scoring three consecutive goals. Two of these goals came from striker Luke Neveloff (7).

The Eagles began their attempt at a comeback, as they went on a fast break and scored. Midfielder Ty Stevens (31) put MSD on the board as the Eagles were down by two with a score of 3-1.

Western would continue to extend their lead with midfielder Dean Rothschild (2) taking the lead up to 4-1 with 5:09 left in the first quarter. Striker Justin Tedim (13) ended the first quarter scoring two goals and pushed the lead to 6-1.

“We felt like we could still make a comeback,” striker Preston Gerena (7) said.

In the beginning of the second quarter, Stevens would get an assist as Gerena scored the second goal of the game for the Eagles. The Eagles, who looked to turn around the game, would score another goal, taking the score to 6-2 this time it was midfielder Darren Edanbaum (8) scoring the goal. The Eagles’ deficit was now only by three points.

The Wildcats were very dominant by scoring 4 goals in the span of 2 minutes. The Eagles would answer with striker Quinn Kelly (24) scoring to bring the score to 11-4 at the end of the first half.

The third quarter began with the Eagles having more possession of the ball but still not finishing on offense.

The Eagles’ defense was still lacking with the Wildcats having most of the possession in the quarter and was coming close to scoring every offensive possession.

The Wildcats kept on pressuring and converting defense to offense and they eventually scored, pushing the score to 12-4.

Gerena scored twice for the Eagles in the third quarter. Gerena had the only two goals for the Eagles in the third quarter and gave them a hope, despite being down 13-6 going into the final quarter of the game.

The fourth quarter began and the Wildcats were relentless with their ruthless defense and pressuring offense.

Five minutes into the fourth quarter, the Wildcats already began scoring again the Eagles answered back though going goal for goal with the Wildcats putting the score at 14-8.

The Wildcats did not change their pace though the entire game when the Eagles started to slow down the Wildcats only pushed more.

The quarter ended with one more goal from the Eagles by Stevens and three more from the Wildcats.

The final score was a 17-9 with a disappointing Wildcats win. The Eagles put up a good fight at the end, but it was not enough to initiate a comeback.

The Eagles look to try to end their losing streak with their next game on Tuesday, March 8. They will be taking on Ransom Everglades High School. The Everglades Raiders, who are 3-3 going into the game, will also try to erase their last match.

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