[Opinion] More wheels is a “tired” opinion

Julianne LoFurno, Sports editor

If you are keeping up with TikTok trends, you probably know of the wheels and doors debate. It is a hot topic for MSD students who, like the rest of TikTok users, are trying to come to the conclusion of whether or not there are more wheels or doors in the world.

While no true conclusion can be reached to this debate, unless all nations’ leaders come together and mandate a national count of wheels and doors, the people of TikTok can make the accurate assumption that there are obviously more doors than wheels.

To begin this strenuous debate, the definition of a door, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a hinged, sliding or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room, vehicle or in the framework of a cupboard. This definition encompasses all physical entrances to a space, such as front doors, room doors, cupboards, drawers, car doors and more. It also involves doors of different sizes, from extraordinarily large sizes to a molecular scale.

Now, to go over the basics, doors can be found just about anywhere that holds shelter. You can find a plethora of doors, including drawers, closets, shower doors, microwave doors, oven doors and more, within a small neighborhood. Thousands of doors can even be located in single buildings, like skyscrapers, schools, hotels and motels. In each of these public building types, there are similar home amenities that feature doors and, on top of that, bathroom stall doors and elevator doors.

It is also plausible to consider that there are double doors in some entryways, so the amount of doors would be multiplied by two in those cases.

On a smaller scale, several thousands of doors can also be accumulated through multiple working entryways in doll houses. Since “Team Wheels” insists on bringing toys into the matter, and, to get more technical, doors exist within thousands of architectural models created across several nations everyday.

On a further note, technically, doors exist within ourselves. The epiglottis, in short, is a flap of cartilage that prevents food and drink from entering into the windpipe. It acts as a hinged barrier that encompasses a space, so it can be counted towards the argument. There are 7.9 billion people on Earth, so it is safe to say doors have a surmountable lead.

While “Team Wheels” attempts to take the approach that with doors, like drawers, comes wheels, there is an overwhelming amount of doors that exist in areas completely without wheels, as listed above.

The wheels and door debates is just another light-hearted, fun argument for Gen Z to prevent them from experiencing boredom. With an indefinite answer, ways to argue for more doors or wheels has exceeded creative standards. Regardless of its uncertainty, I think doors have this debate in the bag.