Sara Dorfman strives as lacrosse captain for the women’s varsity lacrosse team


Claire Piklor

Senior Sara Dorfman is the captain of MSD’s women’s lacrosse team.

Sophia Squiccirini, Sports editor

Sprinting up the field with her lacrosse stick in hand, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School senior Sara Dorfman sets up to score the winning point of the game.

Dorfman (19) is an attacker for the MSD women’s varsity lacrosse team. She was born and raised in Parkland, FL. At the age of nine, Dorfman’s friends started playing lacrosse. She always watched them play and began to find the sport very interesting, so she decided to give it a try. She immediately fell in love with the sport and started her lacrosse career playing for the Parkland Red Hawks.

After playing in recreation sports, Dorfman continued her lacrosse journey by joining the women’s lacrosse team at Westglades Middle School. After playing for the WMS team all three years, Dorfman made it onto the MSD women’s varsity lacrosse team during her freshman year as an attacker.

Playing for the varsity team freshman year was a huge stepping stone for Dorfman’s career. Throughout the first three years of her high school career, Dorfman gained skills and experiences that she took with her into her senior year of high school.

Leading up to her last year of high school, she gradually grew into a leader and became captain of the lacrosse team her senior year. Holding this position taught her what it’s like to be a great example for her team, and it has given her great opportunities on the field.

“Being a captain means you are also being a role model for the new players on the team and sometimes you have to take charge,” Dorfman said.

During practice, Dorfman and her teammates go through several intense drills. They work on their 7v7 setups, fast-paced passing drills, defensive sliding, adjustment drills, fast-break drills and offensive plays. During their practices, they not only perfect their techniques, but also improve on their communication skills.

“So far this season I think we have a great dynamic. We all trust each other on the field which is important to play well,” Dorfman said.

Defender Ariella Barbati (26) sees Dorfman as a great role model for the team.

“Sara has guided us through an amazing season so far. She’s such a great leader for me and my fellow teammates, and I can’t wait to go to college with her in the future,” Barbati said.

Dorfman has had a successful lacrosse journey all throughout her high school career. Dorfman won’t be continuing her lacrosse journey through college as she is committed to Florida State University for academics. She will continue to use the skills she learned throughout her college career.