Monarch High defeats MSD Eagles seconds before game’s end


Carolina Ochoa Lozano

Eagles varsity football brings great energy to the Cumber Stadium field as the team runs on. The team kept up a great fight and lost at the last second, finishing with a score of 20-14.

Natalia Lopez, Writer

On Thursday, Sept. 22 the Marjory Stoneman Douglas varsity football team played against Monarch high with a score of 20-14. The Eagles played against Jensen Beach High a week prior, with a final score of 30-33. The team had less players than expected due to some players having minor injuries, ultimately causing the team to not be able to use all the plays they wanted to. Nonetheless, the Eagles practiced five days a week for about three to three and half hours, hopefully working towards a victory.

Although the game took an unexpected turn, the team began a tight game with a head start during the first two quarters. Within the first play of the quarter was a punted ball from the MSD Eagles.

With a couple breaks in between each quarter, players would get subbed in every couple minutes to keep the team motivated and to help one another as the team was leading towards their next play.

A couple minutes later in the game the team scored a touchdown starting the game off well. Progressing into the first two minutes of the second quarter, the Eagles were first down.
Soon after, Monarch High scored a touchdown leaving the score at 6-8 by the end of the second quarter.

With the Eagles on a roll, the team was confident and ready for the second half of the game. Starting the third quarter, running back and safety Clayton Cannon (1) scored a touchdown for the team.
Having Cannon score two touchdowns helped the team tremendously giving the team a headstart and motivation to continue playing how they were. But as the game progressed The eagles slowed down leaving the score as it was at the end of the second quarter .

Slowly, the game calmed down between both teams with no points in the middle of the third quarter. Towards the end, Monarch came back and began to score two-point conversions ending the quarter tied 14-14.

“I think as a team we could’ve had one or two more stops on fourth down that would change the momentum in the game,” linebacker Gabriel Lenamon (54) said.

Throughout the whole game, the Eagles’ defense for the team played a huge part and made a great contribution to the game, keeping everyone on pace and blocking out the opposing team. Ending the fourth quarter with six seconds left, Monarch high scored the last play which was a touchdown ending the game off 20-14.

“What kept me in the game was my team, they keep everyone in it, it’s a family,” left tackle Jack Grubor (76) said.

The Eagles played their best and played a tough matchup. They hope to succeed in their next game by having their usual practices and working on plays to better their performance. With the loss of this game the team hopes to be able to use this as an example for their next upcoming game and improve on further techniques. The team is scheduled to play again on Thursday, Sept. 29 at 7:00 pm against Coral Springs High.