Freshman RJ Meis serves as snapper on both junior varsity and varsity rosters


Carolina Ochoa Lozano

Freshman RJ Meis (48) prepares to snap back the ball while warming up and waiting for the game to start. Meis earned a spot on both the JV and varsity rosters.

Miguel Garcia, Writer

Freshman RJ Meis serves as snapper on both junior varsity and varsity rosters

Freshman Robert ‘RJ’ Meis (48) is a junior varsity football snapper for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, as well as a backup snapper for the varsity football team. At the age of 14 years old, Meis is a rising player that is proving to be the best of his class.

Ever since he was young, Meis was a big football fan. He played flag football for five years, and wanted to start playing tackle football. Since he made this transition, he has loved every moment of it.

Meis plans to go to the University of Florida and later play professionally as an NFL player. He says his motivation to get on the field is to be around his team.

“I think playing with the rest of the team and having that camaraderie really makes me want to get out there,” Meis said.

Coach Christian Baldwin of the MSD JV team sees huge potential in Meis. Believing that Meis is a very hardworking player.

“Hard work beats talent,” Baldwin said.

While Meis claims to be yet to have a stand-out moment in his high school career, his coach believes that he still contributes to his team greatly.

“His snaps are great, and [Meis] shows three parts to football,” Baldwin said.

These parts being defense, offense, and special teams. Meis makes a strong contribution to his team as a snapper and it does not seem to go unrecognized.

Meis appears to be an ambitious individual as previously stated. Though he aims high, it is safe to say that he remains humble.

“I can always do better, so I try to push myself to 100%,” Meis said.

Coach Baldwin has stated that his favorite thing about Meis is his work ethic and that Meis has his “Why.” His “Why” being his willingness to achieve his dreams of playing football professionally.

The future looks bright for the upcoming superstar and his support extends from coach Baldwin, all the way to his family. Meis believes that his biggest supporters are his family, that being his mother, father and sister. Coach Baldwin says that Meis’ relatives play a huge part in his support. The Meis family are the people that RJ can count on.

“They’ve always supported me ever since I said I wanted to play football,” said Meis. “They are the people I can count on to pick me up whenever I am down.”
Meis appears to have a bright future in the world of football. With the support of his family, and coach, Meis works hard towards a possible future career in football. With high ambitions and even higher efforts, RJ Meis looks towards his goal of reaching the NFL Draft.