MSD junior varsity football team beats Monarch High School after forfeit

The offensive line powers through Monarch’s defense to get a first down. This results into them moving closer to the touchdown during the second quarter.

Natalia Lopez and Noah Lechtenstein

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School junior varsity football team played their final game of the season on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 5:30pm against Monarch High School. They played a loose game throughout each quarter and ended their season with a record of 2-2.

With the start of the first quarter, the game remained at 0-0 with penalties across both teams along with a fumble made by Monarch. The team had their struggles but kept pushing through the first quarter into the second. There was barely any movement as MSD attempted to score a touchdown within this quarter but failed.

“We shouldn’t have had so many penalties as we did,” tight end Anthony Santos (30) said.

Having so many penalties in the first quarter caused the team to miss out on the opportunity to score.

Towards the beginning of the second quarter the team came back with more momentum and a touchdown was scored by running back Lawrence Morantus (5) the team then went for a kick made by kicker Rocco Duygulu (34) and won an extra point for the team.

“When the team had to run up the middle by Lawrence who scored a touchdown. Our energy skyrocketed after that,” quarterback Joshua Espinosa (4) said

Shortly after a water break leading further into the quarter, the Eagles continued their streak of touchdowns, and Espinosa scored one for the team within the first couple minutes of the quarter. Soon after with an interception made by linebacker Cristiano Blake (8) the team ended the second quarter off with another touchdown scored by quarterback Jaxon Anger (18) in the last minute of the game. The quarter ended off with a score of 22-0.

Starting off the third quarter, the ball was recovered by defensive tackle Scott Walker (55). Then, a touchdown was made by the Eagles, but the quarter didn’t go down for a long time before Monarch forfeited, due to the team running off the field. According to a few players and fans in attendance, two coaches from the opposing team were said to have gotten into a fight, causing the Monarch players to run towards the coaches.

By forfeit, the game ended abruptly, but the Eagles were more than thrilled with the result of their final game as the final score was 29-0 in their favor.