[Brief] MSD’s Spanish Club hosts Multicultural show

Vincent Ciullo, Writer

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School will present their annual Multicultural show on Dec. 2. The presentation was organized by the Spanish Club in conjunction with other clubs at MSD.

The many cultures of MSD students from around the world will be showcased in the full student production which takes place in the auditorium, ranging from the Bollywood style of India to the energetic dancing of Latin American countries.

Teachers had the option to sign up their class to watch the show during their fifth and sixth periods. The performance will be split into two acts, with the first being shown during fifth period and the second being shown during sixth period.

Another showing of the production will be held after school at 7 p.m. for parents, students and others who didn’t get a chance to watch during the school day. Tickets can be found on the MSD e-store for $7.